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Bringing the shop to you…

It’s always a nightmare for people to unwire a pc and its peripherals and take it to a repair shop. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if somebody could simply get to your home or work place to service your PC?

Look no further ! ! !

Personal Computer Services is doing exactly that: ON-SITE SERVICES. We are a local company that provides on-site professional computer services and repairs to both residential and business customers. Our qualified technicians will bring you, on-site, a solution to any issues you might be encountering with your computer, network or internet.

No challenge is too big!

No task is too small!

We vow to meet your small business or residential needs. We can also help you design your home or business networking solutions.


Virus removal

We will remove your computer viruses while keeping the integrity of your files.

Data Recovery

Don’t worry if your computer crashed.  Our technicians will perform a data recovery service.  We can also try our best to restore your files.

Common Issues we are getting called for

  • Computer is slow or freezes
  • Computer will not boot up
  • Cannot access Internet or email
  • Computer infected with virus / spyware
  • Computer shuts down randomly
  • Hardware issues / software issues
  • Hardrive crashed
  • Data recovery

Computer Hardware Repairs

Hardware problems can be a source of frustration. Your computer’s hardware is any physical component of the system. This includes parts inside your computer such as motherboards, hard drives and memory, as well as parts outside your computer such as modems and printers. Our computer repair experts are trained to diagnose your problem quickly and in most cases fix it on-site.

You have a new computer?

Getting a new computer can be a great experience but setting it up can be a challenge for some people. We will get you all set up and personalize your computer with your program installations, configuration, connections to the internet and email services and assuring your connection to other devices such as printers or scanners are fully functional . Files on your old computer can also be transferred to your new one.  We will ensure your anti-virus and firewall are active and fully functional.