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Computers get slower overtime. Even though it was just perfect when you purchased it, now you realize that it takes much longer to load and get ready to work. Why is that?

Several reasons could explain this. Let’s just say that operating systems and programs offer more functionnality than before.The softwares you are using have changed over time, but not your hardware. Programs are larger to load, and several of them will also run as a service, which happens in the background without you knowing.

Therefore, something that was running fine on your computer at first might not be running as fine today.

Also, when a program is uninstalled, it leaves some files behind that are taking up some space on your computer and slowing it down as well.


This is when optimization needs to be considered. PC Serv will review your PC or Laptop and look for optimization opportunities. Some might be as simple as cleaning old files and old programs from your PC while another might just be a hardware upgrade.

Regardless of the recommendation, PC Serv will always look at your interest: either investing in optimization, upgrading or both. PC Serv will make this recommendation in the context in which you use your PC. If you run a home-based business, the recommendation might be different from the recommendation for someone using their PC once in a while for email and personal accounting.